Friday, February 10, 2012

Kids are scary...

So yesterday Ash scared me. She was playing, tripped, and hit her head on the coffee table. She was stumbling for a bit, and when I was on the phone with the nurse she kept trying to fall asleep. But kept her up and took her to the ER with Scott. After a couple hours of waiting, the bleeding finally stopped and it started closing up. Realized it really wasn't worth the trip, but I knew her teachers would want to know what happened and if a doctor saw it, and I wanted the peace of mind of having it looked at. And Scott pointed out that we had already checked in, they knew she was hurt, and if we left it would look bad. I'd rather be seen as the overprotective parent, than the irresponsible one. They looked, cleared her to go home. No stitches, just have to be gentle with it until it heals, which they said shouldn't take too long. So all good. Maybe now she'll clean up her toys... NOT. Little shit... I mean that in the most loving way possible!

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