Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The food issue...

Lucifer has always had a good appetite, and I admit, I spoiled him rotten when he was little when it came to food. I would often give him some of what I was eating. Often I would boil a chicken breast just for him because he loves them! I would also go to McDonald's just to get him chicken nuggets or a ranch BLT, because he loves the ranch sauce and the nuggets (I'd have to skin them first or he'd just turn up his nose at it).

But his absolute favorite, even to this day, is part of my sandwich when I go to Subway. Which works, because I won't go anywhere near a McDonald's now - nasty, yuck. I always get the same. Turkey - double meat, shredded cheese, toasted, lettuce, pickles, and mayo. And he always get some of the meat. If I don't bring it home and eat it there or somewhere else, when I do get home, he gives me this look like he knows I had some without him. He always knows... kinda creepy.

The problem lately has been with his cat food. He would always get half a bowl in the morning and half a bowl at night. He stayed at a healthy weight and was active. He was happy, I was happy, the vet was happy.

Then I started dating Scott. Scott discovered that Lucifer had a second food bowl under his first one, and then decided that poor little Lucy needed both bowls full. Next thing I knew, both bowls were always full. And Lucifer liked it. By the time I caught on it was too late. Lucifer now has to have both bowls full at all times or he freaks out and acts like he's starving to death. Its the one time this cat has absolutely no patience. And now he's chubby, although it has added to his level of cuteness.

Also learned not to hide the food from him so he won't tear into the bag. He got his revenge by pooping in the living room and then finding me so he could show me and give me a dirty look right before walking over to his food bowls.

Alright you chubby little cutie... It's on...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Momma's Boy - My Protector

Ever since I first brought him home, Lucifer has always been a momma's boy. And I'm a sucker for it.

Even when he was a tiny kitten, if he did something he wasn't suppose to, all he'd have to do was roll over, show me his tummy, purr, and have a look that said, "but mom, I'm cute!" I still fall for it.

Throughout the years, my little Lucy has always been there for me. He's stayed by my side and has been a comfort. A constant reminder that I can do it and prevail. He knows when something is bothering me. He knows when to comfort me and he also knows when to just run and hide because I'm in no mood to deal with anyone.

To understand more about the bond I have with Lucifer, you need to know some history.

Shortly after Lucifer was born, I got married. I didn't want to, but circumstances were against me and I didn't have the strength to get away (or stand, I had my appendix removed and recovery didn't go well). My ex-husband was abusive, and overall not a good person. By the time Lucifer came home, our small apartment was also housing my brother-in-law and one of their cousins.

These men decided to torment Lucifer every chance they got, as a result I tried to keep him with me at all times. He went everywhere with me, and has no trouble on plains, in cars, or staying in hotels or any other strange new place. And up until recently, he didn't trust men.

Every time my husband hurt me, Lucifer was there. He would come flying in and attack my husband. Jump and claw on his head, back, legs, arms, chest, whatever he could get at. And then he would wait until my husband fell asleep. My husband slept in the nude, Lucifer took advantage of that.

When I got pregnant, Lucifer became even more protective of me, and very possessive. He didn't leave my side.

Three years ago, when my daughter was 4 months old, I found the strength I needed to get out. I packed up, grabbed my daughter and Lucifer, and left. Since then we've traveled and have finally settled down. I got a divorce and sole legal and physical custody of my daughter. And Lucifer has been there with me through it all.

When I dated a jerk, Lucifer would take the time to hunt down all the guys boxers and socks and did a beautiful job of burying them in the litter box. Every guy that makes me mad or upsets me in any way must answer to Lucifer, or run. Lucifer approves of my current boyfriend, so he's safe... for now...

Friday, July 16, 2010

I told you so...

In November of 2004 a random thought came to me as I sat around my college dorm with some friends. I missed the companionship of a cat. I've always had cats, and I'm a sucker for males, specifically black and white males. I then announced to my friends that I was going to get cat, but not just any cat. I was going to get a black and white male, with white whiskers, and his name was going to be Lucifer, but I would call him Lucy for short.

I preceded to tell other friends and family of my plan. Most laughed, including my mother. If only she could have known...

You see, at this time my little sister had a cat named Baby. She was a rather small cat, but still a sweet little calico. She was also a polydactyl, with six toes on each front paw and five on each back. Baby was also a smart little trouble maker who loved to use her thumbs to open doors.

Shortly after the thought of Lucifer came to me, my mother called to announce that they had adopted a sweet little black kitten, and they had named him Prince. I told her that if she didn't want kittens, she needed to at least get Baby spayed. (All the time I was thinking one thing... there's going to be kittens...)

Time went on...

A few months later my mother called again. This time to inform me that Baby was pregnant and she didn't know how it could have happened. Of course she never got Baby spayed or Prince neutered. (I still hit her over the head when I remember to) But then I realized something. Baby would give birth to Lucifer! Mom laughed and said no.

July 14, 2005...

Mom calls. She got home from work and found two kittens - "LUCIFER!!!!!" (btw joyfully yelling Lucifer will get you a lot of weird looks by anyone within earshot) - one was black and white. And to make it even better - he had extra toes like his mother. Mom then tried saying that it was a girl, I then reminded her that no... it was a boy. We argued over this for awhile...

Five days later I was in Wisconsin to see my new little Lucifer. It was a boy, and he had seven toes on each front paw, five on each back. He was a tiny little thing, half the size of his brother, and I could close my fist around him.

I took him home when he was three months old.

I had my black and white male cat, with white whiskers, named Lucifer, who I called Lucy for short.

I told you so...