Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birthdays, Morigana, Dates, Computers and Weddings

The parasite/tyrant (kiddo) turned 5 on the 10th. Unfortunately we were both sick. My original plan was to make everyone northern style indian tacos with bison meat, but since I was sick and Amber (friend came to help because she's awesome!) was also sick, we didn't feel comfortable mixing all the dough. So pizza was ordered instead! But poor little kiddo. Although she felt like crap, she was such a trooper! She got cool new clothes, purses, a barbie, bubbles, sunglasses, legos, and various other little things. And a bike. She loves that damn bike. lol Next time I need to remember not to get one with a bell... or tassels (Lucifer likes to eat ribbon and anything similar).

I turned 25 on the 12th. And I really wanted to celebrate this birthday. Actually do something. But I was still sick, so the friends that didn't already have other plans, avoided me. But I was going to go paint someones nursery, but I didn't have the strength too. So although I wanted to go out and do stuff, I couldn't because of how sick I was, how miserable I felt, and when I did go outside I just wanted to go back inside and hide from everyone. So... that sucked. But on Tuesday Amber took me out for a birthday lunch and Kasey met up with us. And that made me a happy redhead. :)

Thursday Morigana had her follow up appointment. She's having a reaction to the internal stitches, but it's common and as long as she doesn't scratch at the area, and the area doesn't get any harder, she should be fine.

Scott took me out for an actual date on Thursday. I wore my new dress and we went to get sea food. Yummy! I was able to get a plate of redfish, grilled with lemon pepper, and oh man did that bring back good memories from the Valley and South Padre. But damn did the price go up. It's now about $22 for a plate of redfish.

Before leaving to do everything on Thursday, my laptop did the evil blue screen of death. So that's no fun. It restarted with no problem. But me being me, I got a new one. So now I have this new one as a back up for when the other finally crashes.

A good friend of mine, Rose, got married Friday (yesterday). I wish I could have been there, but since everything with the cats started, I cancelled the trip. I'm also not going to another friends wedding in June. But Amber and Jose went and I really hope they enjoy Seattle. Oh the various gods and goddesses, I love that town. If possible I will move there.

That's enough updating for now. No more incite into my fucked up head for now.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kitty Update!

Today was the day!

Morigana got spayed, thank the various gods and goddesses because I couldn't stand her going into heat every other week much longer. Surgery went great, but they did discover that she has tape worms. Which explains why at 11 months she still only weighs 6lbs. Poor baby. But they treated her, so hopefully soon she'll start putting on weight.

Lucifer... oh so scary for me. But they did the x-rays and the EKG. His heart is normal size and shape, and the heart murmur is smaller than before. He kinda cut them up a bit during the x-rays. Him and all his extra toes... He's so cute, my little Lucifer. ;) So, with everything looking good, they went ahead and did the dental work. And of course all day long I just kept thinking of the worse case scenarios (what if it's something else causing the heart murmur and they put him under and something goes wrong and he has heart failure?!). Luckily though, that was not the case and everything went smoothly and great.

They are both home now and recovering. Already eating and doing good. Best part though... Morigana has to wear a cone of shame. LMAO Oh it's awesome! Poor kitty, but LMAO!

So... got back and I had to hold her while my friend put it on her. As soon as we got it on, she took off... it kinda threw her off and she almost knocked over the coffee table and then proceeded to run through the living room and kitchen before finally making it into my bedroom, but oh, so fucking funny... she made a path going through everything and we could hear her run into everything! I fell over laughing. Still laughing. A couple minutes ago I had to get her unstuck from under my bed. Which I found very funny since Scott had just texted saying to make sure she didn't get stuck anywhere. AHAHAHA Oh I'm terrible... But it's still funny as hell. Poor baby. hehe.