Thursday, January 26, 2012


For the first time, I wrote everything that happened down... okay, it wasn't all of it, but it was most of it. I sent it to a complete stranger and it's depressing as it is, I didn't want to make it harder for them to be able to read or harder for me to write it.

But it is done! I sent it off on Tuesday. And I sent it to someone who I know I will never meet, and I doubt they will write back or anything. Be cool if they did, but at the same time, idk.

And... good news on the Ashley front:

For the past two nights she has slept in her room on her new full sized bed all by herself and for the entire night!

Even better... She's done it without any nightmares or sleep walking episodes!!

Alright her bus is going to show up any minute now, so gotta go!

Stay crazy!

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