Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Downside to being a single mom...

The one time one of your favorite bands is in the states and there is an opportunity for you to see them... you can't.

Nightwish is playing this Saturday in L.A. and I'm stuck in Albuquerque. Last week I was so close to buying tickets. Plane tickets were actually affordable, but I stopped.

Now everything is too expensive, unless I stay with a friend, which there's no way in hell I would put myself through that.

Then I remembered I couldn't anyway, Ash has a psychiatrist appointment when I would of had to fly out there. Can't miss it.

So thank you, abusive jackass ex-husband, for destroying our child's innocence and the trauma which has caused these problems!

Damn it... now I'm just pissed...

Metallica will make me feel better, and a glass of wine. Maybe Lucifer will want to cuddle...

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