Saturday, July 17, 2010

Momma's Boy - My Protector

Ever since I first brought him home, Lucifer has always been a momma's boy. And I'm a sucker for it.

Even when he was a tiny kitten, if he did something he wasn't suppose to, all he'd have to do was roll over, show me his tummy, purr, and have a look that said, "but mom, I'm cute!" I still fall for it.

Throughout the years, my little Lucy has always been there for me. He's stayed by my side and has been a comfort. A constant reminder that I can do it and prevail. He knows when something is bothering me. He knows when to comfort me and he also knows when to just run and hide because I'm in no mood to deal with anyone.

To understand more about the bond I have with Lucifer, you need to know some history.

Shortly after Lucifer was born, I got married. I didn't want to, but circumstances were against me and I didn't have the strength to get away (or stand, I had my appendix removed and recovery didn't go well). My ex-husband was abusive, and overall not a good person. By the time Lucifer came home, our small apartment was also housing my brother-in-law and one of their cousins.

These men decided to torment Lucifer every chance they got, as a result I tried to keep him with me at all times. He went everywhere with me, and has no trouble on plains, in cars, or staying in hotels or any other strange new place. And up until recently, he didn't trust men.

Every time my husband hurt me, Lucifer was there. He would come flying in and attack my husband. Jump and claw on his head, back, legs, arms, chest, whatever he could get at. And then he would wait until my husband fell asleep. My husband slept in the nude, Lucifer took advantage of that.

When I got pregnant, Lucifer became even more protective of me, and very possessive. He didn't leave my side.

Three years ago, when my daughter was 4 months old, I found the strength I needed to get out. I packed up, grabbed my daughter and Lucifer, and left. Since then we've traveled and have finally settled down. I got a divorce and sole legal and physical custody of my daughter. And Lucifer has been there with me through it all.

When I dated a jerk, Lucifer would take the time to hunt down all the guys boxers and socks and did a beautiful job of burying them in the litter box. Every guy that makes me mad or upsets me in any way must answer to Lucifer, or run. Lucifer approves of my current boyfriend, so he's safe... for now...

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