Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The food issue...

Lucifer has always had a good appetite, and I admit, I spoiled him rotten when he was little when it came to food. I would often give him some of what I was eating. Often I would boil a chicken breast just for him because he loves them! I would also go to McDonald's just to get him chicken nuggets or a ranch BLT, because he loves the ranch sauce and the nuggets (I'd have to skin them first or he'd just turn up his nose at it).

But his absolute favorite, even to this day, is part of my sandwich when I go to Subway. Which works, because I won't go anywhere near a McDonald's now - nasty, yuck. I always get the same. Turkey - double meat, shredded cheese, toasted, lettuce, pickles, and mayo. And he always get some of the meat. If I don't bring it home and eat it there or somewhere else, when I do get home, he gives me this look like he knows I had some without him. He always knows... kinda creepy.

The problem lately has been with his cat food. He would always get half a bowl in the morning and half a bowl at night. He stayed at a healthy weight and was active. He was happy, I was happy, the vet was happy.

Then I started dating Scott. Scott discovered that Lucifer had a second food bowl under his first one, and then decided that poor little Lucy needed both bowls full. Next thing I knew, both bowls were always full. And Lucifer liked it. By the time I caught on it was too late. Lucifer now has to have both bowls full at all times or he freaks out and acts like he's starving to death. Its the one time this cat has absolutely no patience. And now he's chubby, although it has added to his level of cuteness.

Also learned not to hide the food from him so he won't tear into the bag. He got his revenge by pooping in the living room and then finding me so he could show me and give me a dirty look right before walking over to his food bowls.

Alright you chubby little cutie... It's on...

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